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Welcome to Jane O'Holly Productions, bringing voices from the
community to public television programming and documentary film.


Nursery Rhymes by Barb Ryman


Jane O'Holly Productions extends our gratitude to the following groups and individuals.

Additional video footage by The Internet Archive (Kufen Pepper Spray by Jason Andrew Torrance and KufenMusic; March Against Monsanto by Gary C.; Occupy Oakland - Black Bloc Instigates Riot Police by Abby Martin; Reject and Protect by Alchymedia; Keystone XL Pipeline Protest by Hunter Stuart; Iraq War; Occupy Oakland Port March - Thousands Arrive by Bay Area Bike Club; Occupy Wall Street - Police Aggression by Katie Falkenberg); Greenpeace (Pacific Plastics); The News Market; NOAA (Severe Weather B-Roll); Pembina Institute (Tar Sands B-Roll); Videoblocks; Photos courtesy of The Morgue File (Barbie Dolls by panso; School Hallway by Clarita; Video Game by Kenn W. Kiser); Photo Satire courtesy of AZRainman

R U There? a one-minute video
Entry in the
Real Montana Audience Awards competition
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Animation by Holly Schroeder; Wildlife Footage by Libby Langston; Edited by Jane West.

five planetsFive Planets: Montanans at the Crossroads of Global Warming
Nobel Laureate Dr. Steven Running and Montana leaders explore the science behind climate change, the effects of global warming on Montana's climate, and what Montanans can do.
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"We are actually setting a stage for a high, wide corridor through the State of Montana to be used probably for things we haven't even imagined yet."

-- Jim Lynch, Montana Department of Transportation Director, Montana Legislative Committee meeting 2009



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